Duplex en aluminium fil 4AWG câble De Branchement

Duplex en aluminium fil 4AWG câble De Branchement
Port : Qingdao
Termes de paiement : L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Capacité d'approvisionnement : 1500 Kilomètre/Kilomètres par Month
Point d'origine: La Chine
Marque nom: Sanhe
Numéro de Type: Câble ABC
Matériel d'isolation: Pe
Type: Basse tension
Application: Au-dessus
Matériel de conducteur: En aluminium
Veste: Aucun
Certificat: ISO9001
Standard: ASTM
Tension: 0.6/1 KV
Paquet: En bois Tambour
MOQ: 1000 Mètres
Longueur: Longueurs Personnaliser
Échantillon: Échantillons Fournis
Garantie: 20 ans
Paiement: 30% TT Prépayé
Expérience: 11 ans
Détail d'emballage : Tambours en bois

1*4AWG+1*4 Terrier  aluminum duplex wire  Service Drop cable


phase conductor size AWG 4                                         phase conductor stranding 7

phase conductor insualtion thickness 1.14 mm              bare neutral messenger size awg 4

bare neutral messenger stranding 6/1                            bare neutral messenger breaking strength 1860Lbs  


To supply power from the utility's lines to the consumer's weatherhead. For service at 600 volts or less (phase to phase) at a conductor temperature of 75°C maximum for polyethylene Insulation or 90°C maximum for crosslinked insulation.


Concentric strand or compressed 1350-H19 conductor, polyethylene or crosslinked polyethylene insulation, concentric strand ACSR neutral messenger.

  • B-230 Aluminum Wire 1350-H19 for Electrical Purposes
  • B-231 Aluminum Conductors, Concentric-Lay-Stranded
  • B-232 Aluminum Conductors, Concentric-Lay-Stranded, Coated Steel Reinforced (ACSR)
  • B-309 Concentric-Lay-Stranded 6201-T81 Aluminum Alloy Conductors
  • B-498 Zinc-Coated Steel Core Wire for Aluminum Conductors, Steel Reinforced (ACSR).
  • 1/0 1/0 1/0 Neritina Triplex Service Drop cable/  meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of ANSI/ICEA body S-76-474

Packaging & Shipping

Wooden drum, iron wooden drum or according to customer's request


Company Information

Zheng Zhou Sanhe Cable Co., LTD. is a cable and wire maufacturer in Zheng Zhou, China. It is founded in 2008. Our main products include: All aluminum conductor (AAC), All Aluminum Alloy Conductor (AAAC), Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR), Aerial bundle cables (ABC Cable, service cable), Concentric cable, Welding cable, PVC insulated wire, etc.We have exported cables to Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, North America, Austrilia. We are willing to help more friends all around the world.


Quality inspection

1, There is a professional design engineer team, before manufacturing, all of the product drawing will be approved by CSBTS (State Bureau of Quality Technical Supervision), and then the cable could be produced only if qualified.

2, To ensure the raw materials quality, all the copper are special-used for cable with the Inspection Certificates. The raw material is inspected when entering factory, and only the qualified material could be put in storage and used for production.

3, To ensure the product quality, there is a professional high level quality laboratory, most of the key technology date will be checked by high precision instrument.

Good material





 Quality Control


Customer First, Quality Prime

Since the establishment of our factory, we always adhere to the principle of Customer First, and implement three guarantees for the production of products. Our company has carried out a renovation and expansion this year in technical equipment and product quality. Both have made great progress and are more able to meet the requirements of users.We doing this all for the sake of users.



ABC cable production process



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